How Often Should I Have My Ducts Cleaned?

Ducts are the usual passageways that transport cool and hot air which builds up in your house. It’s similar to any other HVAC system where air ducts require maintenance regularly. This is to ensure the efficiency of the ducts and the air passage. Are you unaware of “how often should I have my ducts cleaned?” Well, according to experts’ suggestions, duct cleaning once every 3-5 years is important. If maintained properly, you can extend it even up to 6-8 years. But this is not the same in all cases; because the amount of buildup of moulds and pollutants varies. If these particles accumulate more, you need immediate clean your duct with the help of best air duct cleaning services. Further, timely duct cleaning can help in maintaining the good health of your family members.

Why Is Air Duct Cleaning Necessary?

Most of the time, people doubt “how often should I have my ducts cleaned?” people are not aware of the fact that they are inhaling the polluted air. It’s because they do not know about the air quality inside the house. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), it claims that indoor air is 2-5 times more polluted than the outside air. Certain impurities will circulate in your household via air ducts. Due to this, the temperature inside the house warms up. 

There are many reasons why and when you need a regular duct cleaning by a licensed professional team. 

  • When Moving Into A New Residence: It’s important to consider duct cleaning if you are planning to move to a new residence or a property. Because you never know what the previous owner did in that place. He might be a smoker, a pet owner, or the one who does not care about cleaning. In such cases, you need to plan on when it is important to clean.
    •  If you are moving to a new home, air duct cleaning can get rid of the drywall dust as well. 
    • Not only that, but it will also get rid of the construction debris that will accumulate in the process. 
    • It is important to make sure that the ducts are free from remnants and sawdust. So that they do not infiltrate the ducts, therefore the ducts can function efficiently. 
  • Foul Or Musty Odour: If you get that foul or musty odour from the air ducts; there are high chances of mould development. Because they usually grow in damp and humid regions like air ducts. If you experience symptoms like itching and coughing, you should immediately consider cleaning ducts. A well trained and professional team will be of great help to you, in such cases. 
  • Infestation Of Pest: Most pests can make their way into the ducts to contaminate the air inside the house. This can also be possible by entering these ducts. The presence of pests around the duct system will in turn lead to a decrease in the efficiency of the system. In such cases, you need a proper cleaning of ducts, this will help in the prevention of the infestation.
  • Increased Dust Inside The Ducts: If you are observing an increase in dust indoors, it’s high time you call for a duct cleaning service. Professional duct cleaners clean out the ducts and make them free from dust and debris. This will help in ensuring the maximum airflow which is safe and clean for the family members. Deposition of dust, debris, dead skin cells, pet fur, and other allergens can affect the functioning of the duct system. In addition, it also causes a decrease in the system’s performance.  
  • Cold And Allergic Symptoms: If your ducts are dirty, they result in circulating contaminated air. This can lead to allergic reactions like severe colds and other respiratory reactions. The reason is that this air consists of particulate matter and allergens. Dust mites can feed on the debris, this will lead to asthmatic and allergic reactions. The family members who already have respiratory issues are at high risk to develop such allergies. It’s quite important to hire a duct cleaning team, to improve your indoor air quality and stay away from allergies. 
  • Decrease In The Efficiency: If the filters are accumulated with dust and other debris, it can obstruct the inflow and outflow of the air. Therefore, it reduces the functioning of the duct system. To prevent this, one must clean the ducts regularly for efficient working of the system and maintain proper air quality inside the house. Need to pay attention to the indoor air quality, as the quality of it decreases, it indirectly shows the inefficiency of the system. Therefore, it’s a sign to consider the air duct cleaning of your systems.


You can easily observe signs and symptoms and decide on “how often I should have my ducts cleaned?” Because ducts show such visible signs. If the air quality indoors has already worsened, it can be due to the increase in the deposition of dust and debris. In such cases, hire professionals, who are best at duct cleaning in Melbourne. They clean the entire duct system and deodorize it to get rid of the foul smell. With this, you can improve indoor air quality. 

If you observe any of the mentioned points, then you should consider duct cleaning immediately. Do not ignore duct cleaning needs, as it can cause damage to the health of your family members. Moreover, if you observe substantial growth of moulds and deposition of dust and debris, you should definitely consider cleaning the ducts.