Duct cleaning

I recently had my ducts cleaned for the first time I was intrigued at the process as I have never had ducted heating before. The serviceman explained everything he was doing and was so patient with me. I will be using this service again.

Sarah Jane

Highly Efficient Evaporative Cooler Cleaning

I am a big fan of SK Duct Cleaning Melbourne because of their consistency in delivering quality and efficient cleaning services for all kinds of ducts for me. Last month I got my evaporative cooler cleaned by them and I have been using their duct cleaning services for over 3 years now. Truly professionally and absolutely friendly staff!

Vanessa Dimovski

Quick Duct Replacement

We had to replace our ducts at office due to some major problem in the older ducts. We hired SK Duct Cleaning Melbourne for commercial duct replacement service. They quoted us a reasonable amount and gave us guarantee for their work. So we chose them over others. And we would like to say that we are thoroughly satisfied with the job done. They understood the time crunches of such a work in a commercial premise and without affecting any of our employees or clients they did the job in a very quick manner. Heartiest thanks and we look forward to do more business with you!

Yenal Negis

My Power Bills Have Reduced

n the last six months since I got my ducts cleaned by SK Duct Cleaning Melbourne, my power bills have reduced to a decent level. I am amazed to know that duct cleaning could lead to better functioning of the systems. Cool. – Ann Loh

Improved Air quality

Every family member could feel the difference in the air quality once we got our ducts cleaned by SK Duct Cleaning Melbourne. From my first conversation with the office to the real experience with the cleaners at my home, I had a wonderful experience throughout. Thank you! –

Nicholas Dedich

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