How to Clean Ducts of Black Mould?

Duct Cleaning Services

Air ducts in our homes work just like the lungs. They help maintain the natural flow of air throughout our interiors and help in getting rid of warm impure air. If you have recently shifted in a new home or have never cleaned your ducts we have a bad news for you. Ducts not only harbour dirt and mud but often get infested with mould. Any amount of water and moisture within our ducts can lead to the building up of black mould. Not to mention the risks associated with mould, one has to take proper duct cleaning and vacuum duct cleaning measures into consideration. Professional duct cleaning service will help ensure duct mould removal and help in keeping your ducts clean and dirt free. Clean ducts greatly help you in ease of breathing and keep the atmosphere inside your homes fresh and safe. Duct mould removal can also be carried out at home by using easily available products. All you have to do is follow the guide and clean ducts of black mould.

Duct Cleaning Services
Duct Cleaning Services

Materials You will be needing:

1. Detergent or liquid soap
2. Baking Soda
3. Vacuum cleaner with an extendable hose
4. Air Vent brush
5. A microfiber cloth
6.  Cordless Drill

Step for Duct Mould Removal:

  • Step 1:

    First off remove the duct registers and lid. Use a brush to remove extra dirt and mud. Now use a detergent and water solution to wash all the registers. A cloth can be used to remove dried mud and stains. Clean them properly and let them dry on their own. Detergent should be used to clean the walls and floors of your ducts. Take a long brush and wipe off all the soil sticking to the walls and floors. Detergent will eradicate any amount of settled dust and provide a dirt free surface for duct mould removal.

  • Step 2:

    Baking soda is an excellent mould killer. You can use baking soda with or without detergent. Just prepare a solution of soda and some detergent with water. Apply this over to the walls and walls which have the black mould growth. Long cleaning duster or mop should be used to brush off the black layer of moulds from walls and floors of ducts. Brush in a circular motion and avoid any contact of the mould with your eyes and mouth. Keep repeating till you see no sign of blackness in the duct interiors.

  • Step 3:

    After the ducts are dried, you can use an air vent brush to remove dried soda, dirt and black mould chipping. Attach the brush to the cordless drill and turn on the drill and run it with a slow pace. Hold the brush firmly and remove remaining dirt around your ducts.

  • Step 4:

    Last Final step for duct cleaning and duct mould removal is vacuum cleaning. Vacuum duct cleaning will further suck in any trace of mould and dirt. Attach an extendable hose to the vacuum cleaner and put the hose inside the duct. Turn on the vacuum cleaner and run it against the walls and floors. Make sure that you remove all the dirt from corners and the ends of ducts. Repeat if necassary.

    Duct Mould Removal
    Duct Mould Removal

Professional Assistance:

Duct cleaning and duct mould removal is not easy and may require the help of professionals. You just can’t permanently remove mould through vacuum duct cleaning, mould infestation can bounce back. We hardly get enough time to manage and clean our ducts regularly. Duct Mould removal is directly connected with your health and we advise that you should not take any chances. Hire SK Duct cleaning for routine duct cleaning and duct mould removal services. We can provide you with an excellent service and deliver guaranteed results within 24 hours. You will never have to put yourself and your loved ones at the risk of mould infestation again.

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Duct Repair Melbourne

Get the Best Duct Repair Melbourne with SK Duct Cleaning

Are you noticing dust and filth in the air? Is there a steep hike in your electricity bills?

Well, when was the last time that you repaired your ducts? Cannot remember?! Chances are high that you need to hire duct repairing services in Melbourne.

Duct Repair Melbourne
Duct Repair Melbourne

If your AC vent starts circulating stale air and if there is low or no cooling, and a steep hype in the electricity bills, know that your ducts are not functioning properly and need repair.

SK Duct Cleaning is a leading duct repair company in Melbourne because:

  • We provide assured duct repair services in Melbourne
  • We have a highly experienced and skilled team of in-house engineers
  • All our work is 100% insured and guaranteed
  • We are very economical and offer the best prices
  • We provide duct repair services in all the remote corners of Melbourne

Duct Repair in Melbourne: Is it really necessary?

Apart from just helping the cooling system to work properly, the air ducts perform several other functions too, that make it an important part of a healthy home. Let us have a deeper look at the facts related to the importance of a clean and properly maintained air duct.

  • The bacteria and dust accumulated inside the duct can cause serious health issues regarding the respiratory systems in home members.
  • An unhealthy duct can severely damage your cooling system.
  • It reduces the overall cleaning time of your home.
  • It improves the air-quality of home.

SK Duct Cleaning: A Reliable Duct Cleaning Company in Melbourne That You Can Completely Trust

If you are looking for a reliable, experienced and affordable duct cleaning service that has the ability to provide you professional cleaning solutions, then one name that you can completely trust on is the SK Duct Cleaning.

Air Vent Cleaning Melbourne
Air Vent Cleaning Melbourne

We are a renowned name when it comes to duct repair Melbourne. We are the leading HVAC cleaning service in the area and have enough experience to deal with almost every kind of problem you can ever get while dealing with the duct system.

As a local and certified cleaner, we have enough knowledge of possible elements that could have clogged your air duct. We can easily suggest you the most effective tips to keep your duct clean, which will eventually help you reduce the electricity bills and improve the air quality inside your home.

So, instead of wasting your time to search for an ideal duct cleaning service provider and choose SK Duct Cleaning for impeccable services at extremely affordable rates.

What Makes Us The Best Duct Cleaning Company in Melbourne?

As said, several companies in Melbourne provide similar duct cleaning services to the customers. However, there are a few points that have made us a better choice than most of the other companies operating in Melbourne. Let us have a look at the points that made SK Duct Cleaning the best in business:

  • Customer satisfaction guaranteed
  • 100% reliable and experienced staff
  • We offer a free quote
  • Extremely user-friendly cleaning
  • We use completely natural cleaning agents that are safe for human, pets, and nature
  • We have most advanced machinery that ensures perfect cleaning and maintenance of the air duct
  • Carbon monoxide testing for air duct
  • Prompt customer care services
  • Our experts will help you to keep your duct clean by sharing some expert maintenance tips

So, if you were after a completely reliable and properly equipped company for your duct cleaning, then contact us. We will soon contact you and our official cleaning experts will be there for possible solutions.

Our Duct Cleaning Services in Melbourne

In addition to the duct cleaning services, you can literally rely on us for every single problem related to your duct. Whether you need it to be repaired, maintained or you are experiencing any other issue with your duct, just give us a call and we will send the experts for a free quote. Specifically, SK Duct Cleaning provides the following services to our customers in Melbourne.  

Ceiling Duct Cleaning Melbourne
Ceiling Duct Cleaning Melbourne
  • Professional duct cleaning
  • Duct replacement
  • Air vent cleaning
  • Duct maintenance
  • Duct unit repair
  • Ceiling duct cleaning
  • Duct inspection and repairing
  • Ducted pipes repair
  • Gas ducted heater replacement
  • Floor duct cleaning
  • Exhaust system cleaning
  • Central heating system sanitization
  • Central air conditioning system cleaning
  • Duct maintenance
  • Domestic duct heating cleaning
  • Residential duct heating cleaning
  • Commercial duct heating cleaning
  • Duct unit servicing

Apart from the above-listed services, if you want some other services related to the air con vent or duct, then you can ask our duct cleaning and repair experts for that too.

We guarantee your satisfaction and know how to meet your expectations.  We value your time and treat your work as our top-most priority. So, just inquire us for the services and we will contact you as early as possible.

Get Your Ducts Repaired with Our Duct Cleaning Services in Melbourne

Now, once you are aware of what services do we provide and how reliable we are, now it is time to know about the various ways through which you can contact us.

Ducted Pipes Repair
Ducted Pipes Repair

You can either contact us by filling the inquiry form on the website, or by leaving us an email regarding your problem. We will soon contact you with the possible solutions. Also, if needed, we will send the experts to your lace for a free quote after inspection of your duct.

Another way to contact us is our phone number. You can always call us for the guidance and service request. Our customer care executives will give you proper guidance and support that you need from us. So, use any of the above-listed ways to contact us and we will be there to help you have a perfectly cleaned air duct.

You can be assured of getting a flawlessly cleaned and maintained duct by hiring us. So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with our service executives and get your duct cleaned right through.

Local Duct Repair Melbourne Company

We are a well-established duct repair Melbourne company serving for more than years in the niche. Our technicians are fully trained and licensed and deliver you only the best services for duct repair. Our up-to-date equipment and advanced skills always bring you the best results. No matter what the type of your duct is, our experts can clean and repair it. Moreover, we can serve you even serve you on the same day of the appointment. Reach us today by calling or online for the duct inspection, to get a duct repair estimate.

Why Hire SK Duct Cleaning?

  • 10 years of experience in duct repair.
  • Industry’s best tools and techniques
  • All types of duct cleaning and duct repairing
  • Complete duct care and maintenance
  • Duct inspection and duct unit repair
  •  Affordable and high-quality services.

Location: Melbourne, VIC, Australia

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