Can you clean my cooking exhaust system?

Yes, we do clean cooking exhaust systems too for our Melbourne clients. You can avail our expert services by just giving us a call.

Are you equipped to perform carbon monoxide testing for ducts?

Yes, we have state-of-the-art tools to test for carbon monoxide leakage from your ducts. It is a lethal gas also known as silent killer that can neither be seen nor is its smell noticeable. Only professional experts can check for any leakage and ensure that your duct works absolutely fine. SK Duct Cleaning Melbourne is that expert!

What kind of duct cleaning services do you offer?

SK Duct Cleaning Melbourne aims to take care of your ducts in every manner, so we have a wide range of duct cleaning services. These are:

  • Duct cleaning
  • Duct repair
  • Duct replacement
  • Duct fix
  • Carbon monoxide testing
  • Heater unit servicing
  • Commercial duct cleaning
  • Animal intrusion
  • Ducted reverse cycle air conditioning cleaning
  • Ducted air condition cleaning

For any more services, call us and speak to our executives!

Does duct cleaning cause any mess?

No, not with SK Duct Cleaning Melbourne. Our experts have been delivering the finest and safest duct cleaning services for more than 20 years. Over such a wide time frame, we have acquired the most advanced cleaning tools that leave no mess at all.

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